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10 Ways to live to 100

  • 1. Enjoy yourself
  • 2. Stay young at heart
  • 3. Be honest and open
  • 4. Look for rainbows
  • 5. Walk to work
  • 6. Stop smoking
  • 7. Exercise regularly
  • 8. Golf
  • 9. Commune with nature
  • 10. Buy a unit at Linmarr Towers
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Our home, Davao City. Interesting links to facts, places to see, places to visit, etc.

Know our company's history, today and the future.. the LINMARR CONDOMINIUM COMPLEX...

Linmarr Davao is located in a secluded area with high walls.... We have security personnel....

It takes a mere 20 minutes to reach Linmarr Davao by car. Along the way....